Sunday, November 30, 2008


i'm pretty much left in a state of confusion now.

sometimes, you really make me think everything's going so smoothly; & other times, you come up with the most unexpected things that breaks all my expectations, of the perfect little world.

you said that promises were meant to be broken,
i wonder if the words that you said could be shaken,
then you tell me,
that you will make no promise that you can't keep.

i think i need a guiding light; tell me...

should i give this one more try or would it be for the best of both worlds if things were left not so complicated?

Thursday, November 20, 2008


its been a quiet one this year.

well, at least it was what i expected (and wished for this time i guess).

ironically, the ones i expected the most from failed to deliver, & the ones i never expected anything from gave me the best.

oh baby, its a wild world. =)

[darling, you made it all seem perfect for me.]

Monday, November 3, 2008

my return.

i'm back now. glad to say, i believe the bad things are all starting to move aside, finally.

so far, i think we've got things worked out, every second now seem to be filled with stuffs making my day.

i refuse to think about how would this eventually turn out, but right now i guess its just best letting nature pave its own course ain't it?

by the way, i think i'm gonna expect new kicks! would you let me embrace you in my arms, oh my lovely nike dunk sb lo gibson?