Sunday, May 31, 2009

vroom vroom psssttt!

hell of a night at the pasir gudang racetrack!

even on the way there we started the night pumping by racing 2 cars on the highway, drivers unidentified.

crazily, the proton iswara there, with his minimum engine capacity smoked us big time, awesome driving there bro, although i know you most likely wouldn't be reading this.

pictures of the johor circuit sprint challenge & super open coming right up! i'd even throw in a summarized write-up of it!

reason being? well these things are just too good to NOT be shared!

Friday, May 29, 2009



i can't believe you actually found my 'secret' blog... now you've officially been recorded as the 2nd person to uncover my identity... here.


anyway, keep my superhero identity under wraps! i still gotta save the world!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


i think tiger beer & nuffnang isn't that eager to give me that nintendo ds lite they're throwing away. so here's a newer post to delude myself; so that the post below is obscured from my sight!

in accordance with the recent twilight frenzy, i too, joined in the fun by acquiring these new "pets"...

3 different kinds of cacti, one of them being the one featured in twilight as bella's cactus.

oh by the way, my friends, until 2010's champions league final, please do not further remind me of the disappointing 2-0 loss to barcelona today. yet another european cup which slipped through united's feet.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


because i'm a greedy monster...

hand me that nintendo ds lite you're giving away!

what now? don't i get an extra brownie point for honesty?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


for most of you out there who swears your dog is the smartest boy around, think again.

many have constantly included the derogatory term 'bird-brain' in their daily lives in reference to not-so-glamorous moments their friends go through, think again.

personally, i have been brought up with birds of all kinds surrounding me, especially parrots. being an avian-crazy person my peeps know me as, you would now know i'm a faithful advocate of this statement,

"a dog isn't a man's best friend. a parrot is. especially when the little one's a true blue gray."

apart from being really interested in exotic animals - birds, parrots especially would be animals i wouldn't live without; a great example being my boy, tequila! never fails to amaze not only myself, but visitors to my place at the random-est moments.

here's a clip to share, an astonishingly smart african gray, known as einstein. far surpassing the notions of a performing zoo exhibit.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

aza aza!

well, i don't really know if its just in my vicinity or if its happening all around, there just seem to be hordes of people fighting each other now.

umm i don't mean it as people brutally stabbing each other, but in this night alone, i witnessed squabbles, quarrels & fist-fights between not only friends but also strangers.

from what i can recollect, 3 such cases in this night, a grand total of 7-10 cases i've seen in the past 2 months!

is it that jb is getting more unruly or is it happening everywhere else? point the finger at anything, some of my peeps even linked it to the current economic depression.

for instance, tonight alone, just before heading home i had the privilege to enjoy such a kind of brawl we term 'free show' locally. 2 friends (apparently) whacking the hell out of each other...

for what you might ask? behold the answer...

a girl. yes, a female homosapien.

whatever happened to chivalry & loyalty amongst brothers. probably doesn't exist in this time anymore.

Friday, May 15, 2009

sea of blood.

i'm feeling sad, really sad.

out of a sudden, my snooker skills deteriorated really badly.

what accounts for it? i seriously don't know, no idea at all.

come back to me, o' magic touch! i shall cherish & take pride in you, don't run away from me!

i promise...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

greenbottle blue!

seriously, i think i have a disorder.

its called,


dozens of tarantulas big & small, coupled with a lot of nagging from the mom, now i'm a happy owner of 3 more greenbottle blue tarantulas.

so far i guess they're the most beautiful ones as spiderlings. metallic carapace, flame legs with tiger stripes on their abdomens! now quit imagining, hit google for the images of this beauty & i'd bet my last penny your jaws would fall wide open!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


equates to 'sudden spiderling death'.

well, one of my smithi slings isn't moving at all, except for occasional twitches on its leg(s).

really do hope to see a recovery in it, wouldn't wanna lose a life here won't you agree?

buck up, little red stripes! do not, i repeat, do not succumb to the ssd syndrome!

Friday, May 1, 2009

labour (day) pains.

i. am. dead. tired.

it was really a bad choice choosing to enter the lion city, singapore today.

totally slipped my mind that the following day would be labour day, and that means hordes of working class people are gonna flow in, taking advantage of the long weekend for a well deserved break.

the aftermath? mrt train packed like sardines, public bus packed like mackerels, & now comes the best part of it; every single queue line, be it at the bus station, singapore customs checkpoint or malaysian customs checkpoint setting world records of their own.

words won't be able to describe the massiveness of the queues today, all i can say would be seeing is believing.

officially wasted 5 hours of my life queueing up just to get my ass back to home sweet home.