Friday, August 28, 2009


don't you just hate it when rumour-mongers spread false information?

and don't you hate it more when they put words into your mouth, saying things you haven't, or just exaggerating things you said, especially so when it involves a third party?

well, i just experienced it today, again.

note to you my friend, jason tan, its not funny nor entertaining when you do this. perhaps its better if you change your attitude as to get more people to start liking you.

ranting aside, what happened to my pool! the skills are deteriorating, its either i give it up totally, or chase it back. crossroads uh? show me some light!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

nijyumaru japanese restaurant.

i'm all ready and pumped up!

inspired by my old friend (and by old, i mean technically old, not literally; 20 years and counting friendship!) eevon, this will be my first ever attempt at food blogging!

Nijyumaru Japanese Restaurant

No. 24, Jalan Permas 10/5, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, 81750 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

07-388 9818

GPS Coordinates:
N 01.49759
E 103.81435

Operating Hours:
Open Everyday
Lunch Time (12 noon - 3pm)
Dinner Time (6pm - 11pm; Last call at 10.35pm)

for advocates of japanese cuisine, it is certain that they will at any cost avoid chain restaurants like sushi king and kinsahi sushi. it all boils down to one thing... the substandard japanese dishes served there.

however, it isn't an everyday affair that families can afford to shell out exorbitant four-figure sums for a japanese meal at authentic japanese restaurants.

fret not, my friends. nijyumaru japanese restaurant, although being fairly new, offers you authentic & delectable japanese cookery for a fraction of the price. personally i think it rivals the prices of sushi king and the likes of it.

now for some proof that their dishes doesn't only taste good, but are masters in terms of presentation too!

okono miyaki


tenzaru soba set

sakae shioyaki

unagi kabayaki

ebi tempura


kawa mentaiko maki

i would have to comment that it was a rather enjoyable meal, palate-wise. however, in terms of service, the staff and management could do with a little improvement. what would be the point of reservation if your hungry customers were to be left waiting at the entrance like fools, sweating profusely for 15 minutes before being allowed entry?

for lovers of all things japanese, this food haven definitely garners two thumbs up from me otherwise. from the quality of food and presentation, there's practically nothing you can complain about after a hearty meal.

price-wise, i personally think its truly value for money as well. give it a try and drop me some comments!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

food blogging!

my god. i am in the midst of blog-surfing, and guess what?

i think i might just venture into food-blogging.

just read eevon's blog and my, she really blogs about food and events quite a bit.

well, maybe this food-blogging thing might just bring me back into the blogging atmosphere.

its a real commitment though.

should i, or should i not?

Monday, August 3, 2009


crazy. i looked back on records, & just realized i have not posted anything up for the past month!

talk about being unproductive, lifeless, lazy and blue. everything in a package.

think i should go out and explore right now. where are you, the happening life i used to have!

(does playing pool everyday count as having an interesting life? cos if so, i guess i'm on a higher plane than most others are! maybe i shouldn't bore my readers with the styles and shots or whatsoever i execute daily on the 9 by 6 table!)