Friday, September 25, 2009

predator ikon 3.


i finally laid my hands on yet another predator!

telling myself i shall maintain this properly right now; it ain't cheap, and ain't gonna withstand any form of rough use either!

now this shall keep me happy for at least a month or two!

hurray! look at that majestic predator cat... it's even adorning my phone as the wallpaper now!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


damn laa.

i guess my ideas do surface one by one, right after one another, as what mom says...

i'd most likely be upgrading to a predator very soon, but you see, i haven't even gotten my hands on them yet, and i'm hatching another plan in my mind now.

well it goes like this, some of you might know i used to play a little darts while at mirage sometime ago, to an extent of getting myself hooked onto it. not long after, i gave all my attention to american pool, thus clean forgetting about darting.

and now my friends, i'm contemplating something silly; installing a winmau blade III in the heart of my bedroom!

crazy or not, you tell me?

Saturday, September 19, 2009



smellymel is gonna reach jb in a few hours' time! i really miss that dumb girl, all the times we hung out together in kl and mad stuff we do!

now where shall we go where shall we go?

anyway, selamat hari raya to my muslim friends and readers!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

of choices in predators.

well this isn't for those who aren't into pool.

but for those who are, you should know what i'd be babbling about in the post.

am facing a difficult decision now.

between a predator ikon, used for less than 3 weeks by masterpatrick, cheaper by 300 bucks, and most of all, it helps him in a way, cos he's looking at getting another cue.


splurge on a brand new predator p3, which isn't exactly an all rounder, but pretty much suited to my playing, but is more expensive. in fact, its loads more expensive.

damn, i believe this is the hardest decision i have gotta make up till today.

let's just put that aside for now, shooting out for pool! (pun intended!)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


here's a quiz...

who on earth can pull an all-nighter shooting american pool, drinking heineken and guinness up till 5.30 in the morning?

apparently, we do.

heck, that's 10 straight hours doing nothing but a bunch of grown up men hanging around each other, holding sticks and balls.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

bored in boxers.

i think life's slowly losing its meaning for me...

constantly so involved with the piling workload, & centering my after-hours around shooting pool and alcoholic drinks only, it no longer possess the bubbly and crazy vibe i used to go through daily.

maybe age is catching up huh? or is it so that everyone's experiencing the same thing nowadays? which then would mean the world's slowing down, not me alone...

oh yeah, check this out. its circulating like wild fire around youtube; that michael jackson's death was (or should i say, is) purely a hoax. just key in 'michael jackson hoax' and you'd find dozens of professionally produced videos centering around the controversy. i'm half a believer now to be very honest.

now give me some feedback here, should i splurge on a new alto saxophone or a set of new pool cues? they cost roughly the same, and that's why i can't really make up my mind!