Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy 7th blogniversary to one of my favourite reads,!

i still clearly remember how i came upon this site approximately 5 years back. it was nadiacipapgoreng who started me on this addiction then. during a session at our boys' crib, she told me all about this site and insisted that i checked it out!

5 years later, i'm still an avid follower of this site. penned by a malaysian blogger, huai bin, who coincidentally was also from monash university, thus making him my senior (albeit very much in seniority levels here), this roll here comes highly recommended from me; make it a staple addition to your must-read list!

oh by the way, in conjunction with sixthseal's 7th birthday, huai bin decided to sponsor me a packet of dunhill! thanks a lot mate! hoping to see more awesome posts from you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

eagle eye cherry.

it was a sleepy sunday. i got up anyway, not reluctantly tho, as its gonna be the last karaoke session we're gonna have with tasya for at least another two years!

so, in the midst of screaming our lungs out in our private room, with the newly refurnished redbox karaoke; guess what we found?

amongst the new song numbering system, fresh leather smell of couches & more awesome sound acoustics, we discovered this:

eagle eye cherry, is in fact, a chinaman in disguise; & this would be the original photo taken before making it mainstream.

i swear, its the biggest controversy of the year, yes it is!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

excuse me, you want girl?

look at the picture above, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind seeing this?

yes, for most malaysians, they would think of late nights out, football matches & most commonly, this one local drink, teh tarik, would pop up instantly in their minds.

this would be the famous mamak shop, as we malaysians call it, not only a hangout place for youngsters, but now elevated to a point where it is part of our culture living in this country.

well, it was the same case for me, as the average malaysian boy, until last night.

enjoying my teh tarik over a chat with a close friend, this lady in her early thirties suddenly came by us and baffled us both with a one liner in plain street-style mandarin,

"excuse me sirs, would you like the services of a girl now?"

looking at each other, we both declined her offer in unison, & then stared blankly at each other for a good whole minute before laughing our heads off.

these hookers are seriously taking their business to the streets now, goes to show how badly the malaysian economy is doing at this point.

practically, this has now become an inside joke within our clique. so the next time you hear one of us say "boss, you want girl?", you'd know what we'd be laughing at instead of getting question marks plastered above your head!

Friday, April 17, 2009


i'm at crossroads.

i'm really, really bored. been doing close to nothing the whole day but i can't go out.

need. to. conserve. my. funds.

help me!

well, & its not helping that my wonderful circle of friends have been calling me the whole day, asking for plans or plainly trying to get me out.

quite astonishing i'd say, 21 people calling me out on top of 16 missed calls i didn't bother to return. very, very unexpected. guess these are the minor details people fail to notice in their daily lives.

in a way, it makes me feel loved. hahaha. that sounds gay, seriously.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

satay night.

alright, so it was really unexpected. i vaguely remember su-lyn telling me sometime ago that she'll be back on the 10th this month, from one of our silly conversations on messenger.

fast forward to yesterday; bunch of us were chilling out at living room (a cafe joint in jb, very similar to the apartment in the curve, kl) where tony-monster was rushing his assignment, & bored me decided to lug my macbook there just to kill time.

the ever so naughty and random lynlyn suddenly proclaimed on messenger, "let's go eat satay!"

thus the plan was born, on this very night we went for a satay session to satisfy her cravings. now this is where i found out something horrible!!! despite my futile attempts to keep this blog away from her knowledge, she told me suddenly, "you know, i've been reading your blog! right?"

really, you should all see my surprised face right there. so here's a shoutout to you eeyore-girl,


it was really nice catching up with her although its for only a while, have always enjoyed her company in a way or another. this also set me thinking, the internet is really scary isn't it? it was so simple for her to locate my blog, despite my attempts to keep this hush-hush from some of my friends.

*hazelnut coffee, you have 5 more days, 12 hours and 39 seconds till your holiday ends! now go make full use of it and enjoy yourself, and that means shoo! don't waste your time opening my blog can? you silly girl. whipped cream waiting for you right here, you better come back with my shirts or i'll spank you till you reach nigeria!*

Sunday, April 12, 2009

tung chun.

this would be by far the biggest achievement in malaysian motorsport history.

situated in permas jaya, johor, malaysia; tung chun motorsport, one of the pioneers of motorsports and performance works in our country, surprises us with yet another crazily modified monster machine.

this video says it all, take particular notice in the weight of the car, shifting speed, and the speed of this demon on the quarter-mile.

another pride in this industry.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

mr sunshine.

i'm really getting lazier by the day.

did nothing but play games.

skipped the gym session. trainer called me and i had to create an award winning script to get myself out of trouble.

& what happened to not drinking anymore? well that promise to myself got broken at 7pm today!

but in all, it was a fun day. from the next waking moment onwards, i'd be reverting back to my boring schedule.

now that's what a healthy lifestyle should seem like!

Friday, April 3, 2009


woohoo! yippiee!

it feels like i'm over the rainbow, for i finally cleared my loan with dino!

well, most might think i'm over-reacting, practically throwing myself across the moon. what's the great fuss you making over this?

but for people who actually know me well enough, ask them and they'd tell you how much i hate to be in others' debts. its indescribable, no one's ever invented a word for something of this severity.

this calls for a nationwide celebration in my own way... but not until i build up my coffers to an acceptable threshold.

current financial standing? hmm, just imagine me a bumpkin, living on donations given by a church mouse. sounds bad ain't it? =)