Friday, June 26, 2009

jackson 5 legacy.

michael jackson, the king of pop's death. its official.

as it is for many i believe, its a piece of news that took the world by storm. i still can't stomach it yet.

my generation, at the very least, we could proudly label ourselves as the ones who 'grew up' with m.j. from the jackson 5, until when he struck out on his own, going through numerous facial 'changes', i witnessed it all with my friends.

really did believe he could make a comeback from his idling state; countless child abuse/sex crimes as well as the financial turmoil he was facing, many of us discussed countless times whether he could shine again with the upcoming concert tour. now it wouldn't be happening, it'll be just like one of his hit albums, 'history'. 

a legend that's passed on, no longer part of our world.

what would be the best thing to do right now other than wallowing in tears mourning his demise?

follow these steps i'm gonna take right now...

clear your cupboards & find his albums from the past! i assure you nothing but a wad of cash waiting for you... now where's my collection?

[omg, i think my jackson 5 vinyl, if sold, could very well sponsor me a brand new 50" LCD TV fully equipped with state of the art home theatre system. gonna turn my vinyl rack upside down!]

- yet another excuse for me to put off the racetrack pictures! no i'm not lazy, i'm just sad m.j. departed. face it, the pictures are gonna take forever, my friends. happy waiting! -

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i'll be back.

oh my god, took me really long to realize this:

i have been on an unannounced, unprecedented hiatus, weeks if not months i'd say.

contrary to popular belief, i am, still alive.

its a promise, i'll be back on track real soon.

working on the racetrack pictures, coming up in a jiffy!

[yes i know, i know i'm lazy to the core, don't remind me please, thank you!]