Wednesday, February 25, 2009


friends who came down from kl for the holidays led to myself spending these few nights with them in my bid to play good host.

what came unexpected was last night. out of nowhere, this friend of mine (we shall call her eeyore!) joined in our session as well. i wouldn't say we're best of friends, but she's a pretty nice girl to talk to, albeit the sudden crankiness she might exhibit at the weirdest hours.

used to hang out a lot when we were in kl, as she was the girlfriend of a guy in our clique. so, of course, since they parted ways amicably, what more with her being in kl and myself in good ol' jb, obviously there were less time we spent together, or talked to each other for quite some time.

well, this girl surprises me actually. the point i was trying to get at goes somewhere along these lines. we had a pretty long chat over a few drinks last night, and i actually realised this girl is really, really deep. the topic of the night revolving around the table actually set itself against relationships; what with mine and her recently ended relationships. talking to this little girl here, i actually absorbed a lot of knowledge, and sent me into a new dimension where now i realise, this girl isn't as simple as what we think she is!

she gave me pretty good advice on my decisions & my route. apart from that, i really learnt a lot from this eeyore-loving girl here. now i guess i have another name to add to my confidante list!

Friday, February 20, 2009

tarantula battle!

sometime ago, when you ran all over the place, jumping up and down laughing at me for having less tarantulas than you did, i decided something had to be done!

so quietly, i went online & after hours of searching i finally got my hands on these babies i've always wanted!

- mexican redknee tarantula
- chilean rose typical color form tarantula
- chilean rose red color form tarantula

& when i was darn ready to show you my achievements, you gave me a lil surprise on valentine's! now i have 2 mexican redknees in my collection!

well, now i'd say, i officially have more t's in my collection than you do, silly girl.

(but that definitely came with a price, i pretty much sold my house, my car, my dog and my cup in order to make those purchases!)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


its been fluttering bad, real bad recently.

show me the right way!

oh by the way, i'm a coffee bean monster hunter now!