Saturday, October 24, 2009

just for 50?

met the ultimate asshole in pool today. *sigh*

its the 2nd time i met someone in the game of pool with bad upbringing, bad manners, or both..

these are the guys that put the game we love to extreme shame. just for 50 bucks? you're damn desperate, boy!

on a sunnier note,

getting to know a player from california who is so passionate about his game really amazes me.

he's probably in his mid-thirties, and has a burning passion for the game despite playing for 10 years already.

now tell me, who on earth brings his pool cue with him while on holiday in malaysia?

apparently, he does.

Saturday, October 17, 2009



i bought a predator cue case, for like a thousand bucks, and upon reaching home, guess what? it doesn't fit all my cues. predator cues should really look into their advertising. it was advertised that the back pockets can hold up a predator air jump cue...

but right after i reached home, elated with my purchase, i realised what they really were trying to say is that the back pockets can hold up only the butt of the cue. the shaft would still have to be in the main compartment.

so now, i would have to carry a shaft openly wherever i go, until i have enough to get another case, which would cost a couple of hundred more that the original 1k. FML!!!

and now, what shall i do with the extra case when i've gotten a new one? everyone, blame predator for their false advertising!

but still, this baby really exudes a cool yet secretive look. too bad it doesn't fit all my stuff in it. anyone wants to buy it from me? brand new, cheaper than retail!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SGD 37.50

mini mega-post coming up! ironic isn't it guys? i think stella's lameness is slowly rubbing off me.

save me!

mmhmm, to fire things up... let me show you guys something, an all-access pass to mediacorp singapore! now don't look down on this little piece of magnetic card, its my licence to legally stalk all the celebrities in singapore, be it actors, actresses or radio deejays!

& then, right down here its my very good friend, with his temporary boob job. hahaha.

now here comes the oreo family! well i munch on these things whenever they are available, & this is practically the whole oreo family you can find in malaysia. still waiting for them to bring in the strawberry flavored ones, so i won't need to smuggle them in from singapore anymore!

& finally guys, never ever try this. spending a hundred bucks on two pieces of plastic lol (it's pretty much dumbness). they're joint protectors for predator cues, and for this price, of course you get original ones.

the pirated ones only cost 30% of this price, but shucks, like what they say,

"ya want style, ya gotta pay, boy!"

Friday, October 2, 2009



after 4 hours of experimenting and trying to figure out the dartboard, two grown men, one armed with a drill gun & the other with a vacuum cleaner (so clear that i was the macho one, and kevin was the vacuum boy lol)...

i have a fantastic looking dartboard adorning my room wall now! its a winmau blade III dartboard anyway.

ooh and shhh, don't tell mummy that apart from the two holes we drilled, missed darts also accounted for 10-odd extra holes in the wall!!