Saturday, March 28, 2009


cash flow problems!

new personal project coming up for me actually, it goes like this:

- return the cash i borrowed from dino as soon as possible, hell i hate to be in other people's debts. (estimated time  - 10 days? hopefully i'd be able to save up 5 jizz in this period of time)

- build up my coffers; i'm really dead broke right now, without a cent in my savings.

- get my finances really sorted out, its not a great feeling to be without cash at all.

- finish up the books i bought during the bookfair!

- really gotta put my gym membership to full use. make it a point to go for at least an hour every alternate day.
titanium membership = more cash = needing to make fuller use of the facilities

- stop being a lazy doofus and get things done around the house.

on another note, i just attained another level of realization. what releases me during times of being down; its just one word, really: trance.

Monday, March 23, 2009


rushing to a book-fair at the last hour (literally) isn't exactly the most exciting thing you can do in your lifetime.

especially when you blow the equivalent of a police officer's monthly salary in a span of an hour, plus another RM150 on parking summons, for being desperate enough to lay your hands on chopped up trees with some ink on them.

the cashier-lady's expression? it was priceless. seeing a couple huffing and puffing their way in to the convention, then exiting with 800 malaysian ringgit worth of books. guess that's not a sight you come across everyday in this line isn't it?

behold, just a teeny little small part of the purchases today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

reject shop.

my application got rejected? seriously, what is going on man.

this wasn't supposed to take place at all, it was a confirmed application, so much confirmation given that i was even issued a guarantee!

and now this had to just happen.

i guess my ears aren't going to enjoy quiet days any time sooner.

& well, i really don't know if this is good or bad, but most definitely i'm gonna have to pack in to singapore within these few days.

welcome to the repetitive life and anticipating moments of the guy behind this monitor.


Saturday, March 14, 2009


phew. i died and came back to life half an hour ago.

for the uninitiated, this might sound a little alien so just, hmm, bear with it i guess.

it took me one really good scare to realize my mexican fireleg (brachypelma boehmei), famed at 6 inches legspan, is definitely as fast, if not faster than an orange baboon (pterinochilus murinus)!

it was really uncalled for, accidentally flooding the enclosure, and that being my biggest tarantula ever, decided to run away for its life while rehousing.

imagine a really big spider (well its not classified as a spider, but just for comparison's sake) running amok in a boy's room. for god's sake its a boy's room, filled with junk everywhere, perfect places for the little devil to hide in!

everything's fine now, the fire-devil is now put right in jail where it rightfully belongs to.

6 full inches of glory, in a situation not under your control, i'm lucky being alive typing this now. *sweats*

Friday, March 13, 2009


i've been youtube-ing excessively recently!

and with that it isn't really a bad thing per se, as i have come across some really weird videos, while some others are exceptionally entertaining.

at the risk of turning this into a videoblog (which hopefully it wouldn't), this is yet another clip from youtube that kept me laughing no matter how many times i re-run it. *grins*

Thursday, March 12, 2009


this guy here is pretty daring i would say, treading on the fine line of being god-like.

that's for sure, one thing i wouldn't attempt doing without taking any precautionary measures whatsoever.

probably, he's got a nut loose somewhere up there i'd say.

enjoy the video; & from my perspective, after watching countless videos by this bloke here, i gather the word 'fear' doesn't exist in his dictionary! (from all the life-threatening scenes of him, which he just magically shrugs off with a good laugh)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i think i'm totally crazy.

or perhaps i have attention deficit disorder, which lays so well-hidden over the many years?

if i'm somewhere in the states or the united kingdom it might not be so surprising, but in malaysia? what more johor bahru?

pretty crazy how my tarantula collection has expanded over just a couple of months, its plain scary just looking at the shelf right now. which person in his right mind would go around collecting these arachnids as if they were some old-school pre-war stamps?

to an extent, my wallet has been sucked entirely dry thanks to these little crawlies that inhibit the corners of my bedroom(s) now. but on the other side of it, there's a really intoxicating feeling knowing that you & girlfriend combined; possess the biggest tarantula collection in the whole country! (although its tentative; there's no possible way to have it confirmed, unless i call in the guinness officials)

really, really madness. i seriously hope i'd stop right here. god knows maybe in a couple of months' time i'd start switching to monitor lizards. that would be the day i see mom coming at me with a foot-long chopper in hand, so bear in mind, its tarantulas & a full stop.