Saturday, March 14, 2009


phew. i died and came back to life half an hour ago.

for the uninitiated, this might sound a little alien so just, hmm, bear with it i guess.

it took me one really good scare to realize my mexican fireleg (brachypelma boehmei), famed at 6 inches legspan, is definitely as fast, if not faster than an orange baboon (pterinochilus murinus)!

it was really uncalled for, accidentally flooding the enclosure, and that being my biggest tarantula ever, decided to run away for its life while rehousing.

imagine a really big spider (well its not classified as a spider, but just for comparison's sake) running amok in a boy's room. for god's sake its a boy's room, filled with junk everywhere, perfect places for the little devil to hide in!

everything's fine now, the fire-devil is now put right in jail where it rightfully belongs to.

6 full inches of glory, in a situation not under your control, i'm lucky being alive typing this now. *sweats*

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