Tuesday, March 17, 2009

reject shop.

my application got rejected? seriously, what is going on man.

this wasn't supposed to take place at all, it was a confirmed application, so much confirmation given that i was even issued a guarantee!

and now this had to just happen.

i guess my ears aren't going to enjoy quiet days any time sooner.

& well, i really don't know if this is good or bad, but most definitely i'm gonna have to pack in to singapore within these few days.

welcome to the repetitive life and anticipating moments of the guy behind this monitor.



albert said...

Yo dude, I'm not sure if I know you but you've linked me as Albert 'Nikon'. While I do have a Nikon SB-28 flash, my main camera is the Sony Alpha 900 and a bunch of Sony Carl Zeiss and Minolta lenses. I've never owned a Nikon dSLR, film SLR or lens. So I should be Albert 'Alpha' instead LOL!

shutterbug86 said...

albert: Hey bro... Haven't you forgot? You're my 'sifu' in photography!

But i shan't reveal my identity here, its supposed to be kind of an anonymous blog for me haha.

Anyway, i'd change it to 'Alpha' right away!

(Btw, keep your great postings up, i keep learning new stuffs from your page, so, rock on!)