Sunday, December 28, 2008


take a deep dark look into the world of exotics in malaysia!

be warned, this is only part of the collection.

i'm proud to be guinness.

pogona vitticeps (australian inland bearded dragon)

brachypelma boehmei (mexican fireleg tarantula)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

x'mas '08.

'twas an eventful christmas eve last night. from being so bent on staying home for a lonely christmas countdown with my pets, all it took were a couple of messages on my mobile to get me going into the party mood.

'though i was a little late for the countdown, it was a darn happening night out i would say. crazily club-hopped, where it seems the whole of johor bahru was gathered in eden. took probably just an hour or so to get me tipsy and flying; where i attempted some dumb stuffs caught on camera by claire!

after-party was madness i would say. not much of an after-party but we went somewhere malaysians love to hang out at during the late hours leading into dawn. in a drunken stupor, parking my car into the spot i kinda miscalculated and kissed the bumper of a toyota hilux. caught some attention there but wasn't a big deal, so duh.

anyway, merry christmas & happy boxing day, world!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

living room.

we were here...

enjoying each other's company while savoring this...

well, those were the days. the unforgettable moments together. =)

Friday, December 19, 2008

sudden thought.

a crazy idea just came to mind.

well, its some sort of preparation for my collection in the future, which i perceive would turn out to be humongous.

i'm letting my tarantula go on a fast. =)

past molt; i'm gonna starve it for 2 weeks before feeding it, just to see if it can survive on nothing but water. its a risky card to play, but it will be for the better in the future.

keep our fingers crossed that it will make it through the ordeal!

[ :: maths calculation :: pre molt fast = 2 weeks; past molt fast = 2 weeks; total? 1 freaking month with nothing but water. ]

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i think its the recent weather. gloomy & raining unpredictably, it seem to have gotten me into an emo state of mind.

how does it seriously feel, when your girlfriend doesn't live up to expectations? like personality-wise, what you expect of her and things that touches on her as a whole? well, i do understand that no one's perfect, but when promises to break out of an unwanted habit is never kept?

also, when the relationship gives you a vibe where the other party isn't giving as much, or in another's words, labelled as a relationship of convenience, what would it likely end up as?

it just leaves one in a state of turmoil when you gotta think about these things. & seriously, what sense would it make where you aren't supposed to refer to your ex-girlfriend as your ex-girlfriend? things like "i think we were exclusive for too short a period of time for you to say i'm your ex-girlfriend." does it even make sense at all?

then, here comes a topic almost always debated upon. post break-up; sometimes the ex just acts normal, 'cause the friendship is supposed to be maintained the way it was before the both of you took it to another level. and sometimes, all of a sudden, you get calls and messages asking for chances and another try at making things work out. sometimes, she just tries to spite you by letting you know there's someone who's going after her. (it might be true, it might be untrue) do all girls react that way after ending a relationship? personally, i don't think so and i hope that's not how the world revolves.

well, enough of ranting. good news is, the shutterbug's snapping again! =)

Monday, December 15, 2008


great news!

after a long wait, finally my fireleg tarantula successfully molted!

now its just a couple more days of waiting till i can start it on a cricket-feeding-frenzy!


something just struck my mind while watching videos on youtube at midnight.

i think i'm not normal.

generally, people keep pets such as cats and dogs. the more boring ones are contented with fishes. at most, the uncommon ones we see are shrimp keepers or marine fish keepers.

but why why tell me why...

a couple of my friends & i find pleasures in keeping pets not many others own in my country. we call them exotics, but more appropriately, i think half my collection are considered deadly and dangerous.

here's my list, i'd let you, dear reader, decide how queer it is:

- congo african grey parrot
- african emperor scorpions
- mexican fireleg tarantula
- chris allen red australian inland bearded dragon
- sugar gliders
- chipmunks

& that's not including the more normal pets around the house. wheez, i think i should go ahead & apply for a permit, turning my residence into a mini-zoo!

[ no promises, but pictures coming up if it doesn't slip my mind! ]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

amy says no more?

really amazing how i feel relieved right now.

its like, i finally got a heavy burden off my shoulder; not in a bad way per se, just that there's this feeling i can start living life again.

currently, this old song i dug out from my massive library is really intriguing me every time i put it on loop.

sia sia sudah
kita jalin cinta
bila hati selalu berbeda

sampai kapan lagi
'ku harus menahan
rasa kecewa di dalam dada

seandainya kita masih bersatu
tak mungkinkan menyatu
walau masih ada sisa cinta
biarkan saja berakhir sampai
di sini

tiada lagi yang 'ku harapkan
tiada lagi yang 'ku impikan
biar aku sendiri tanpa dirimu
tiada lagi kata cintaku
takkan lagi 'ku bersamamu
biar 'ku simpan semua
kenangan 'ku bersamamu

the rollercoaster ride ends here i guess.

' hey you, although the time was short, all i can say is i do cherish every single moment we shared together. =) '

Monday, December 8, 2008

oh happy day.

thinking about things from all directions since the waking of the day, finally i came to a decision, not to live life this complicated from now on.

perhaps, life should be concentrated around making myself happy, rather than worrying about so many things at a time. i guess, its time to revert to my old self, not being so responsible towards the people i do care about. well, its not in a negative way, but in a nutshell, it just brings about living life the carefree direction i used to fly with.

really, its tiring to always go against the flow or having to find out where you are, what you wanna do, or constantly letting you know of my whereabouts.

we'll let fate decide where this takes us. =)

in the meantime, carpe diem!

[ to you my dear girl, it's now time to experience what i think you wanted all along for you and me; one word, seven letters, its called FREEDOM. ]