Monday, December 15, 2008


something just struck my mind while watching videos on youtube at midnight.

i think i'm not normal.

generally, people keep pets such as cats and dogs. the more boring ones are contented with fishes. at most, the uncommon ones we see are shrimp keepers or marine fish keepers.

but why why tell me why...

a couple of my friends & i find pleasures in keeping pets not many others own in my country. we call them exotics, but more appropriately, i think half my collection are considered deadly and dangerous.

here's my list, i'd let you, dear reader, decide how queer it is:

- congo african grey parrot
- african emperor scorpions
- mexican fireleg tarantula
- chris allen red australian inland bearded dragon
- sugar gliders
- chipmunks

& that's not including the more normal pets around the house. wheez, i think i should go ahead & apply for a permit, turning my residence into a mini-zoo!

[ no promises, but pictures coming up if it doesn't slip my mind! ]

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