Tuesday, January 6, 2009


well it's a brand new year, with a lot of hoo-hah sending away '08 & ushering in 2009.

for most, at least those i know of, a spanking new year means a longer list of ultimatums we call 'new year resolutions'.

but enough of the dreaming, how many of us actually bothers with fulfilling our promises made during this period of time?

that's why, my dear readers, i've decided to not create a list of boring new year resolutions i'm supposed to faithfully abide by (not that i ever did have these resolutions at any point of my life anyway), but set a number of possible goals i can achieve, which would be reviewed at the end of each month! (now that sounds more down to earth ain't it?)

1. people say a boy's room will forever be messy, and i lived with that all my life. now's the time to prove these theories wrong! a not-so-messy bedroom would be just about the best thing i'd look forward to seeing everyday.

2. this links to financial stability on a smaller scale, but some of you would understand what i mean. working towards my goals of expanding the collection of exotic pets! i still want my siberian husky & a room full of tarantulas =)

3. as what you have told me, i'd learn to listen from now on. in the sense that it's just proper to let others finish everything they have got to say, before i start a brand new topic of my own.

4. also what you taught me indirectly, perhaps its time i fended for myself more. gone are the days of being sweet & thoughtful to others, constantly worrying for my closest ones; it's time i learnt to be a little more self-centered & not put in so much care & attention for others.

5. don't let my so-called talent (overstatement!) in guitars go to waste, go back to being a little more lifeless, hugging the axe to sleep every single night. at least until i am able to reach say, 85% of my skills as well as speed during my heyday?

6. transform my sleeping pattern back to as per how a normal person functions. that means no more avoiding the sun, boy!

let's see then, how many of these simple monthly resolutions can be kept in check from now on!