Wednesday, December 17, 2008


i think its the recent weather. gloomy & raining unpredictably, it seem to have gotten me into an emo state of mind.

how does it seriously feel, when your girlfriend doesn't live up to expectations? like personality-wise, what you expect of her and things that touches on her as a whole? well, i do understand that no one's perfect, but when promises to break out of an unwanted habit is never kept?

also, when the relationship gives you a vibe where the other party isn't giving as much, or in another's words, labelled as a relationship of convenience, what would it likely end up as?

it just leaves one in a state of turmoil when you gotta think about these things. & seriously, what sense would it make where you aren't supposed to refer to your ex-girlfriend as your ex-girlfriend? things like "i think we were exclusive for too short a period of time for you to say i'm your ex-girlfriend." does it even make sense at all?

then, here comes a topic almost always debated upon. post break-up; sometimes the ex just acts normal, 'cause the friendship is supposed to be maintained the way it was before the both of you took it to another level. and sometimes, all of a sudden, you get calls and messages asking for chances and another try at making things work out. sometimes, she just tries to spite you by letting you know there's someone who's going after her. (it might be true, it might be untrue) do all girls react that way after ending a relationship? personally, i don't think so and i hope that's not how the world revolves.

well, enough of ranting. good news is, the shutterbug's snapping again! =)

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