Thursday, December 25, 2008

x'mas '08.

'twas an eventful christmas eve last night. from being so bent on staying home for a lonely christmas countdown with my pets, all it took were a couple of messages on my mobile to get me going into the party mood.

'though i was a little late for the countdown, it was a darn happening night out i would say. crazily club-hopped, where it seems the whole of johor bahru was gathered in eden. took probably just an hour or so to get me tipsy and flying; where i attempted some dumb stuffs caught on camera by claire!

after-party was madness i would say. not much of an after-party but we went somewhere malaysians love to hang out at during the late hours leading into dawn. in a drunken stupor, parking my car into the spot i kinda miscalculated and kissed the bumper of a toyota hilux. caught some attention there but wasn't a big deal, so duh.

anyway, merry christmas & happy boxing day, world!

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