Wednesday, March 11, 2009


i think i'm totally crazy.

or perhaps i have attention deficit disorder, which lays so well-hidden over the many years?

if i'm somewhere in the states or the united kingdom it might not be so surprising, but in malaysia? what more johor bahru?

pretty crazy how my tarantula collection has expanded over just a couple of months, its plain scary just looking at the shelf right now. which person in his right mind would go around collecting these arachnids as if they were some old-school pre-war stamps?

to an extent, my wallet has been sucked entirely dry thanks to these little crawlies that inhibit the corners of my bedroom(s) now. but on the other side of it, there's a really intoxicating feeling knowing that you & girlfriend combined; possess the biggest tarantula collection in the whole country! (although its tentative; there's no possible way to have it confirmed, unless i call in the guinness officials)

really, really madness. i seriously hope i'd stop right here. god knows maybe in a couple of months' time i'd start switching to monitor lizards. that would be the day i see mom coming at me with a foot-long chopper in hand, so bear in mind, its tarantulas & a full stop.

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