Saturday, March 28, 2009


cash flow problems!

new personal project coming up for me actually, it goes like this:

- return the cash i borrowed from dino as soon as possible, hell i hate to be in other people's debts. (estimated time  - 10 days? hopefully i'd be able to save up 5 jizz in this period of time)

- build up my coffers; i'm really dead broke right now, without a cent in my savings.

- get my finances really sorted out, its not a great feeling to be without cash at all.

- finish up the books i bought during the bookfair!

- really gotta put my gym membership to full use. make it a point to go for at least an hour every alternate day.
titanium membership = more cash = needing to make fuller use of the facilities

- stop being a lazy doofus and get things done around the house.

on another note, i just attained another level of realization. what releases me during times of being down; its just one word, really: trance.

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