Friday, February 20, 2009

tarantula battle!

sometime ago, when you ran all over the place, jumping up and down laughing at me for having less tarantulas than you did, i decided something had to be done!

so quietly, i went online & after hours of searching i finally got my hands on these babies i've always wanted!

- mexican redknee tarantula
- chilean rose typical color form tarantula
- chilean rose red color form tarantula

& when i was darn ready to show you my achievements, you gave me a lil surprise on valentine's! now i have 2 mexican redknees in my collection!

well, now i'd say, i officially have more t's in my collection than you do, silly girl.

(but that definitely came with a price, i pretty much sold my house, my car, my dog and my cup in order to make those purchases!)

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