Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy 7th blogniversary to one of my favourite reads,!

i still clearly remember how i came upon this site approximately 5 years back. it was nadiacipapgoreng who started me on this addiction then. during a session at our boys' crib, she told me all about this site and insisted that i checked it out!

5 years later, i'm still an avid follower of this site. penned by a malaysian blogger, huai bin, who coincidentally was also from monash university, thus making him my senior (albeit very much in seniority levels here), this roll here comes highly recommended from me; make it a staple addition to your must-read list!

oh by the way, in conjunction with sixthseal's 7th birthday, huai bin decided to sponsor me a packet of dunhill! thanks a lot mate! hoping to see more awesome posts from you!

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