Saturday, September 5, 2009

bored in boxers.

i think life's slowly losing its meaning for me...

constantly so involved with the piling workload, & centering my after-hours around shooting pool and alcoholic drinks only, it no longer possess the bubbly and crazy vibe i used to go through daily.

maybe age is catching up huh? or is it so that everyone's experiencing the same thing nowadays? which then would mean the world's slowing down, not me alone...

oh yeah, check this out. its circulating like wild fire around youtube; that michael jackson's death was (or should i say, is) purely a hoax. just key in 'michael jackson hoax' and you'd find dozens of professionally produced videos centering around the controversy. i'm half a believer now to be very honest.

now give me some feedback here, should i splurge on a new alto saxophone or a set of new pool cues? they cost roughly the same, and that's why i can't really make up my mind!

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