Tuesday, May 19, 2009


for most of you out there who swears your dog is the smartest boy around, think again.

many have constantly included the derogatory term 'bird-brain' in their daily lives in reference to not-so-glamorous moments their friends go through, think again.

personally, i have been brought up with birds of all kinds surrounding me, especially parrots. being an avian-crazy person my peeps know me as, you would now know i'm a faithful advocate of this statement,

"a dog isn't a man's best friend. a parrot is. especially when the little one's a true blue gray."

apart from being really interested in exotic animals - birds, parrots especially would be animals i wouldn't live without; a great example being my boy, tequila! never fails to amaze not only myself, but visitors to my place at the random-est moments.

here's a clip to share, an astonishingly smart african gray, known as einstein. far surpassing the notions of a performing zoo exhibit.

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