Sunday, May 17, 2009

aza aza!

well, i don't really know if its just in my vicinity or if its happening all around, there just seem to be hordes of people fighting each other now.

umm i don't mean it as people brutally stabbing each other, but in this night alone, i witnessed squabbles, quarrels & fist-fights between not only friends but also strangers.

from what i can recollect, 3 such cases in this night, a grand total of 7-10 cases i've seen in the past 2 months!

is it that jb is getting more unruly or is it happening everywhere else? point the finger at anything, some of my peeps even linked it to the current economic depression.

for instance, tonight alone, just before heading home i had the privilege to enjoy such a kind of brawl we term 'free show' locally. 2 friends (apparently) whacking the hell out of each other...

for what you might ask? behold the answer...

a girl. yes, a female homosapien.

whatever happened to chivalry & loyalty amongst brothers. probably doesn't exist in this time anymore.

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