Saturday, October 17, 2009



i bought a predator cue case, for like a thousand bucks, and upon reaching home, guess what? it doesn't fit all my cues. predator cues should really look into their advertising. it was advertised that the back pockets can hold up a predator air jump cue...

but right after i reached home, elated with my purchase, i realised what they really were trying to say is that the back pockets can hold up only the butt of the cue. the shaft would still have to be in the main compartment.

so now, i would have to carry a shaft openly wherever i go, until i have enough to get another case, which would cost a couple of hundred more that the original 1k. FML!!!

and now, what shall i do with the extra case when i've gotten a new one? everyone, blame predator for their false advertising!

but still, this baby really exudes a cool yet secretive look. too bad it doesn't fit all my stuff in it. anyone wants to buy it from me? brand new, cheaper than retail!


sueann said...

you could actually write to Predator customer's relation or sth regarding this :)

they'd be more than happy to help you, or maybe refund or hopefully, they'd get one that actually suits you considering the price you paid for it :)

it's customer's rights! :D

shutterbug86 said...

how'd you find my blog!!!

its supposed to be a secret one, that i only know of myself!

sueann said...


helloowww.. im not 3 yrs old la, uncle. hahAHAHHAA... :p

i can see traffics coming to my blog from your site :)

shutterbug86 said...

haha. but how'd u manage to find out its me?
or you don't know yet who am i? haha.

sueann said...

it's quite obvious la. :)

i met you in mufy :)

sueann said...

and your twitter gave you away :)

why so secretive =.=

shutterbug86 said...

wah. you're like damn smart can.

why keep it so secretive? cos it's my superhero identity!