Monday, December 21, 2009

lighter fluid.

feeling disturbed by my pool cue's stickiness after loaning it to adriangoatee for a game yesterday, i sat up on my bed thinking long and hard about it.

suddenly, a light bulb popped up above my head!

since lighter fluid can be used to remove adhesives from a new pool cue without relatively doing it any harm, why not try removing those dirt and stickiness from my cue shaft with the same thing?

bingo! a few paper towels and a quarter bottle of lighter fluid later on, i hold my cue shaft high and proud, its regained its glory!

although it doesn't really remove the chalk stains and dirt embedded in the shaft, at the very least, it follows-through really well now. its silky smooth! definitely comparable to my brand new bk2's shaft.

what a sense of accomplishment! *beams, beams, beams with pride!*

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