Friday, January 1, 2010


what a way to bring in 2010.

where everyone clinked glasses and many wished me a great year ahead, the 1st few seconds of this new year left me confused.

i was already feeling alright not having you around, convincing myself that was the right choice to make some time ago.

leaving everything, & having people constantly tell me its alright to be friends, i attempted.

maybe i failed in this point.

christmas day, you brought us down memory lane.

2010, you wanted to spend it together.

but, doing those things in front of me, i can't help but think you're doing it deliberately.

now i'm confused and spinning, running towards no direction; what's more with the facebook status, isn't it too much of a coincidence?

oh alright, this is pointless babbling on my side. whatever 2010 has in store for me,


- side note: omg omg omg, joycemirage force kissed me!!! *runs away* -

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