Friday, January 15, 2010


things i do for my pets!

now, even i think its a tad too crazy.

so it goes like this. ran out of cricket supplies for my shamas, and i thought, oh well, take a nap, get it in the evening...


taking my time, upon arriving at the neighbourhood pet shop, guess what...

out of stock. epic fail. fml.

so of course i went into a frenzy, i'd say i nearly landed myself a panic attack!

what am i gonna do!

the lady there told me the supplier is out of stock, which means, you can forget about any shops around jb, they won't have it, definitely.

and i'm left with no supplies at all!

here's the drama...

a pet shop i been to sometime ago popped up into my mind.

pretty faraway i'd say, its in another town. and for the fact that it was already hitting 8pm. most pet shops only open till 7+, with the exception of a few; and i had no idea what's the operating hours of this one, or whether they do sell feeder crickets over there.

but i had no choice!

i revved up the engine, and sped all the way to my destination. and yes, all 125km of it. just for crickets, without knowing if they had it!

hmmm, well, i've got 10 bucks worth of crickets in my freezer right now, instead of my usual 4-5 bucks.

haha, ya know, gotta make the trip worth it right?

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